Greetings from Olli Rusi, Chairman of SF-Caravan ry

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We are waiting for you in Kuopio, in the beautiful Northern Savonia of Finland!

What could be more important than people-to-people contacts, curiosity and a positive attitude towards diversity. The Savo tribe and the province of Savo are known for their friendly chatter and the good humor. Although the province has not always been one of the most prosperous and advanced regions of our country, it has undoubtedly been one of the most human-focused provinces in Finland. The importance of this has become more and more important as international contacts have increased and we are more open to new influences and different cultures. People-to-people contacts and friendly co-existance are becoming almost a lifeline for all of us.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to in Savo, the province of good mood. The character of local people is curious and talkative. People want to get to know each other and curiosity is considered to be a compliment. A special feature is the Savonian humor, which can see the silver lining even in the darkest clouds. Humor turns challenges into strengths. The province is spotted with lakes. The province is characterized by beautiful hills and it offers traditional Finnish landscapes at its best. Nordic Rally 2021 provides participants an inspiring environment for meeting with friends and making new acquaintances.

Nordic co-operation within the Nordisk Caravan Rådet is striving towards closer co-operation between the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish caravanners. We want to elaborate a more entertaining and attractive setup for meeting Nordic fellow caravanners. We belong together and staying together feels good.

Nordic Rally 2021 will take place in the beautiful and well-equipped campsite of Rauhalahti, Kuopio. We have further enhanced our guests’ comfort and freedom of choice by implementing a slightly shorter fixed program and voluntary additional excursions. Leisure time is valuable to us. That’s why we’re caravanners! We want freedom and versatility. We want to brighten up your holiday with a pleasant program that respects your personal preferences.

We offer the program to you as a selection and we are dedicated to make your stay in Finland, Savo, Kuopio and Rauhalahti a part of the good memories of life. Welcome to Kuopio to meet your old and new friends and enjoy their company in a beautiful natural environment!

You are welcome as our guest!

Olli Rusi

Chairman, SF-Caravan ry