Greetings from Jarmo Pirhonen, Mayor of City of Kuopio.

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Welcome to eventful Kuopio

In 2021 Kuopio has the pleasure of hosting the International Camping Rally for the second time. You are most welcome to Rauhalahti, Kuopio, a popular holiday and entertainment centre on the beautiful shores of Lake Kallavesi.

It’s the perfect time for the Nordic Rally to roll into town: Kuopio is taking significant steps on its way to becoming Finland’s fastest growing travel destination. Our landmark Puijo area and its forests are the pride and joy of our people and they are a notable part of the national landscape of Finland. Puijo is becoming a place for active people to spend time in both when living and visiting Kuopio. The tower of Puijo and its views over the lakes and forests offers a magnificent sight to enjoy. In the words of a Shanghainese colleague: we have a park in which we have built a city. A city which has nearly 120,000 inhabitants.

The Holiday Center Tahko offers a range of activities for people of all ages. There are magnificent views from the mountain of Tahko over Lake Syväri with its hundred islands. You can ascend the mountain either by using the convenient panorama lift or by going up the longest stairs in Finland. Friends of disc golf can find a level AA1 18-hole course on the foothill of the mountain. Tahko’s golf courses are known nationwide for their beauty and being player-friendly.

For friends of history, it’s worthwhile to stop by Kuopio’s Karttula, where you can find Riuttala’s Farmhouse Museum. The history of Riuttala reaches as far back as 1657, where the farm is recorded on a map of the areas ruled by Peter Brahe. Riuttala and its environment were chosen to represent the Finnish countryside and its way of life in the Paris World Fair of 1900.

Rauhalahti is conveniently located halfway between the city centre and Matkus shopping center, so it’s easy to stop by and explore the shopping and restaurant options they have to offer.

Visiting Kuopio is going to be a real treat for sauna-lovers, because a new high-quality public sauna was opened in the city last summer – and naturally Rauhalahti can also welcome you to its famous smoke sauna – supposedly the world’s largest! After experiencing the heat of the sauna, it might be refreshing to enjoy a cruise on Lake Kallavesi and see the silhouette of Kuopio from the deck.

Kuopio hosts a variety of events for everyone’s taste. It should be easy to find local events to compliment your Nordic Rally experience!

See you in Kuopio, you’re most welcome!

Jarmo Pirhonen

Mayor, City of Kuopio