Greetings from Börje Svärdström, President of NCR.

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Welcome to the Nordic Rally in Kuopio

A warm welcome to the great Nordic Rally event for Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish caravanners! Most of you have travelled far for this event organised in Kuopio, Finland, at the heart of the thousand lakes region. Last time we met at the Nordic Rally in Lillehammer, which typically advertises itself as a winter city, while Kuopio, located in the middle of a large lake area, is one of the most popular summer towns in Finland. Kuopio is an important port city, and I strongly recommend visiting the Puijo Tower overlooking the picturesque lake scenery.

Tourism everywhere is constantly increasing and camping has become a popular trend. Nordic camping organisations are resolutely working together to improve and develop camping services both in their own country and across borders.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of visitors to these events, which is why we at NCR have been striving to make the Nordic Rally an important part of the summer’s programme.

SF-Caravan was founded in 1964, and today, the organisation consists of 79 local SF-Caravan associations. I would like to thank SF-Caravan for all their endeavours in planning this year’s Nordic Rally in Kuopio.

The Nordic event does not organise itself. Therefore – I also want to give a special thanks to the group of enthusiasts who have planned and prepared this event for us to enjoy.

So, no matter where you are travelling from, welcome to the Nordic Rally in Kuopio!

Börje Svärdström

Börje Svärdström

President, NCR