Nordic Rallyfrom 07 to 11 July 2024

SF-Caravan’s 60th anniversary weekendfrom 11 to 14 July 2024— Kiuruvesi, Finland



Kiuruvesi then and now

Kiuruvesi is located in the sub-region of Upper Savo in North Savo. The southern parts of Kiuruvesi feature a landscape typical of the Savo region, with small lakes as well as farmlands on the slopes of hills. The landscape in the northern parts, with its spruce mires and peatlands on flat terrain, resembles the landscape of the Ostrobothnia region. The earliest mention of the village of Kiuruvesi as one of the villages in North Savo is from 1627. The first church was built in the village of Kiuruvesi in 1767, and the villages in the area of present-day Kiuruvesi formed a chapel parish. The membership of the Kiuruvesi chapel parish increased, and in 1863 Kiuruvesi became a larger parish led by a vicar. Ten years later, in 1873, the villages in the vicar-led parish formed an administrative parish, which later became known as the municipality of Kiuruvesi.

Kiuruvesi has traditionally been an agricultural area. Animal husbandry has played a major role in the lives of Kiuruvesi residents since the 16th century, and the town’s reputation as a milk producer grew as the number of cattle increased. Since the 1960s, the economic structure of Kiuruvesi has grown more diverse as a result of the growth of industry and service industries. 


The transport connections connecting Kiuruvesi residents to the rest of Finland began with a single waterway. The significance of the waterway decreased when Kiuruvesi gained a railway connection. Currently, Kiuruvesi has a dense road network that extends to every corner of the municipality. Kiuruvesi became a city on its 100th anniversary in 1993. 

Today, Kiuruvesi is a lively rural city with approximately 7,700 residents. Kiuruvesi is at the forefront of agriculture and one of the largest producers of beef and milk in Finland. The city covers a total area of 1,427 km2, of which bodies of water account for 6.6%. The municipality boasts significant forestry expertise and has strong traditions in organising major events.

Greetings from the mayor

Kiuruvesi – Enjoy life with all senses

As the mayor of Kiuruvesi, it is my great joy and honour to warmly welcome you all to the Nordic Rally in Kiuruvesi, the capital of Finland’s organic food region, in 2024. 

Our municipality has strong traditions in organising major events. For example, Kiuruvesi has hosted the nationally well-known and popular Iskelmäviikko music event for decades. A great number of caravans – more than 700 – come to Kiuruvesi for the Iskelmäviikko event. In view of this, it feels great to know that a great number of visitors will be coming here to spend time in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish countryside for several weeks in 2024, when we will be hosting the Nordic Rally and the main event of the 60th anniversary year of SF-Caravan, the Finnish Federation of Camping, Caravanning and Motorcaravanning. 

Kiuruvesi is the heart of the Finnish countryside. We have also been called the wildest municipality in Finland. Our residents enjoy a leisurely life with all their senses, surrounded by abundant opportunities for living and finding success as their authentic selves. We are a trendsetter in agriculture – we also ensure the wellbeing of animals and nature in Kiuruvesi. 

We wish to change our strengths into success factors and our weaknesses into strengths. We also take full advantage of opportunities. We wish to be at the forefront in smart green economy. Agriculture and forestry are the foundations of Kiuruvesi and our entire region. In order to preserve their vitality, we need sustainable solutions to maintain the competitiveness and profitability of these sources of livelihood. We also want to invest in sustainable travel.

Kiuruvesi is Finland’s pantry. Measured by self-sufficiency indicators, we are among the top municipalities in the country, as Kiuruvesi is Finland’s largest producer of beef and also among the top in milk production. For example, there are 25,000 cattle in Kiuruvesi. That means three cattle per one resident.

Kiuruvesi is located in Upper Savo, which offers a wide variety of things to see and experience. In other words, we offer experiences for all the senses.

I warmly welcome you all to Kiuruvesi and Upper Savo.

Juha-Pekka Rusanen

Best regards,

Juha-Pekka Rusanen
Mayor of Kiuruvesi

Greetings from the chairperson

You are important and we belong together!

The last few years have shown us where our priorities lie. There is hardly anything more important than the sense of community fostered by our hobby and our desire to get to know new people and environments. It gives us particular joy to invite you to come and reinforce these matters that are important to us. Welcome to Kiuruvesi in Central Finland for the Nordic Rally from 7 to 11 July 2024!

Us Nordic countries play a special role in Europe. Recreational caravanning includes freedom and responsibility and offers the perfect way for people to connect with nature for their refreshment. We are a European woodland area and carbon sink. Respecting and living in harmony with nature is part of the identity of the Nordic countries, where people lead solid, human-sized and down-to-earth lives.

In these times, we easily lose touch with basic things. That is why I am excited about this opportunity for us to gather together in North Savo. Kiuruvesi is one of the core areas of Finnish forestry expertise and agriculture. It represents the international top of its field and upholds our deep connection with nature and growth. The Kiuruvesi area is a key agriculture and food production hub. The 2024 NCT will provide us with an opportunity to personally connect with the basics of life – using all of our senses. We will personally take on responsibility. We will plant tree saplings that absorb carbon dioxide with our own hands. Each of the saplings is expected to absorb roughly 600 kg of carbon dioxide. In Finland, a caravanner generates a little over 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide on average as a result of their recreational caravanning. Caravanners are part of the solution, not part of the problem! We also receive concise information about actual forestry expertise.

The current times also open up new perspectives on the Nordic community. Kiuruvesi offers an excellent setting for recognising our shared history and the common background of our cultures. After all, we have even been part of the same realm, developed our society and wellbeing together and maintained the line between eastern and western culture for centuries – in both war and peace. Let’s learn more about our fascinating shared history together.

I would also like to warmly welcome you to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our organisation, SF-Caravan. We have scheduled the main event of the anniversary year to take place immediately after our caravanning event. Our theme for the anniversary year is freedom and responsibility, which are important elements to us. Come and enjoy a Finnish caravanning festival and meet new friends!

Join us in making the event a gathering of friends around important topics.

Olli Rusi

Olli Rusi
Chairman of SF-Caravan

Greetings from NCR President

All roads lead to Kiuruvesi

As the president of the Nordic Caravan Rådet, it is my pleasure and honour to warmly welcome you all to the 60th Nordic Caravan Rally in Kiuruvesi.

Kiuruvesi is a small bustling rural town of about 7,700 inhabitants, located almost bang on in the middle of Finland. Thus, it can be said that all roads lead to Kiuruvesi with its beautiful landscapes, fields, forests and lakes.

This year, we have given everyone the opportunity to contribute to climate action via a small carbon offsetting fee. By paying the small amount, you can contribute to the planting of a tree to offset the carbon footprint of your trip. You can either plant the tree yourself or have local young people do it for you.

We have also planned a great programme for the event. It includes excursions and a lot of other activities without forgetting the kids.

At the start of the week, we will be celebrating the 60th Nordic Rally, and from Thursday onwards, we will continue with SF Caravan’s 60th anniversary get-together. So we will be enjoying 60th anniversary celebrations from Sunday to Sunday with all our guests.

Once again, a warm welcome to Kiuruvesi to celebrate our 60th anniversary week. Let’s make this a week to remember.

Kenneth Björkskog

All the best,

NCR President
Kenneth Björkskog

Driving distanceS to Kiuruvesi


  • Haaparanta 310 km
  • Oulu 180 km
  • Vaasa 310 km
  • Turku 520 km
  • Helsinki 480 km
  • Stockholm 520 km via Turku
  • Örebro 715 km via Turku
  • Oslo 1180 km via Umeå
  • Copenhagen 1180 km via Stockholm

The Nordic Rally will be held near the centre of Kiuruvesi, and you can easily
access the site from main roads 4 and 5 via main road 27. You can drive to
Kiuruvesi at least via Haparanda, Vaasa, Naantali, Turku and Helsinki.
You can also reach Kiuruvesi by train, bus or air.

Map of distances

Kiuruvesi — In the heart of the Finnish countryside

Activities in Kiuruvesi

Kiuruvesi offers many things to see and experience. In Kiuruvesi, you can find out how farms operate, go horse riding or dancing, enjoy a cup of coffee with waffles at a summer café, participate in events at the lively market square or rent a sauna ferry, for example. The numerous lakes in Kiuruvesi invite people to go boating and fishing.

In the summer, the range of activities available also include Summer Theatre Eerola, located in the middle of a magnificent landscape on the shore of Lake Kiurujärvi; a local museum that upholds the traditions of Kiuruvesi; and the Iskelmäviikko music event, which is the highlight of the summer in Kiuruvesi. Iskelmäviikko has been held in Kiuruvesi for more than twenty times, and the event is wellknown for caravanners, singing contests, dance courses and the superb atmosphere of a rural city. Iskelmäviikko will be held on the week following the Nordic Rally.

Restaurant Wallesmanni

The restaurant’s menu is a homage to Finnish meat and Savonian taste buds. It includes dishes for many tastes, from fish soup to burgers. Restaurant Wallesmanni approaches food with passion but also with a twinkle in the eye. The wide variety of drinks available always includes the right drink for every occasion, regardless of whether you are in the mood for something sparkling, sweet, dark and full-bodied or light and spritzy.

Hotel Sininen Helmi

Jump to the leisurely landscape of a 19th-century rural manor with verdant fields, where Lake Kiurujärvi shimmers in the sun and you can enjoy the gentle scent of a smoke sauna – without forgetting the fine features of the renovated hotel.

Kiuruvesi Museum

The artefact museum located in the museum area displays a variety of items related to everyday life at the farmhouse. The museum’s upper floor features the Koulun penkillä (In School) exhibition of old teaching materials and other items related to schoolwork in the past. The museum’s Savonian yard includes the main building Hyvärilä as well as a cowshed, loft storehouse, smoke cabin, windmill, barn and a small raised shed. The cowshed houses the Maidon tie (Journey of Milk) exhibition, which provides information about the history of dairy farming.

Museum Eemil

The Museum Of Fine Arts Eemil

The Halonen Museum Foundation maintains the Art Museum Eemil. We offer a variety of interesting art experiences, present the production of the Halonen artist family and increase the recognition of the Halonen artist family

Paljakanvuori nature trail

Paljakanvuori is a hill located in Rapakkojoki, roughly 15 km south of the centre of Kiuruvesi. The marked nature trail on the hill is moderately demanding and travels through varying terrain, along the slope of the hill, through a forest and along the shore of a lake. The information board provides information about the hill’s history, which includes things such as ancient offering holes, old Midsummer traditions and a story about Pirunpesä (lit. devil’s nest), a deep hole in the ground. For children, the hill’s rugged natural landscape offers an exciting setting for adventures and nature excursions. Two resting places have been built along the trail.

Culture House

Kiuruvesi Library and Culture House was completed in 2009. This cosy and modern library offers a wide variety of materials, services and events for people of all ages. The building includes Kiurusali Hall, which is well-suited for various events and hosts movie showings, concerts and theatre performances throughout the year. The building also houses exhibition spaces, Catering Restaurant Iltalypsy and various meeting and banquet facilities.

Kuorevirta sports area

Kuorevirta offers a track and field stadium, tennis court, disc golf course, beach volley courts, football fields with artificial and sand turf, and a sawdust track. The area also features a swimming hall and gym, indoor ice rink, sports hall and youth centre.

Kiuruvesi Church

The magnificent Kiuruvesi Church was designed by architect Bertel Liljeqvist in 1938. The Winter War (1939–1940) interrupted the construction work, but it was continued immediately after the end of the war, and the church was completed in 1940.

Rukajärvi Centre

Rukajärvi Centre showcases heritage items and war memories related to the Continuation War (1941–1944) in the Rukajärvi area.

Summer Theatre Eerola

Summer Theatre Eerola was completed on the shore of Lake Kiurujärvi in 2013. Kiuruveden Maalaiskaupunginteatteri is an amateur theatre founded in 2009, which offers entertainment at Kiuruvesi Culture House and Summer Theatre Eerola.

Sauna ferry

  • Sauna with room for 4–5 people.
  • Large terrace with comfortable furniture.
  • Gas grill with a pizza oven.
  • USB charging stations.
  • Inside, a sofa bed and a comfortable sitting room.
  • Bluetooth sound system.

The ferry can comfortably accommodate 5–6 people at any one time. Alcohol is not served on the ferry, but you are allowed to bring your own drinks. USB and 12 V outlets are available for cooler bags.

We operate between the Ports of Iisalmi, Runni and Kiuruvesi, depending on the reservation situation. In addition to offering readymade packages, we can customise a package based on your needs, regardless of whether you are hoping for a sauna evening at the pier, a day cruise lasting a couple of hours or a day of water sports, for example. The ferry is operated by a captain who has a certificate for operators of charter boats.

Laukanmäen talli

Organises combined driving, horse riding and horse-assisted activities.


A camping area maintained by SF-Caravan Upper Savo. Hiilimutka is located on the shore of Lake Salahminjärvi, located 35 km away from Iisalmi, along road 88 in the direction of Oulu. In the summer, the area offers roughly 100–150 pitches with electric hook up for caravans, with most of them located on grass. The camping area is equipped with industrial standard electric hook up points, i.e. new model caravan hook ups.

Menu for festive week dinners

The price for dinners is 35 € per person, and dinners must be booked by June 20th.

Dinner can be reserved along with the caravan site reservation from the online booking system: or through this form: Reservations can also be made via email at Dinner reserved through the form or via email can also be paid on-site.


Nordic Rally

from 07 to 11 July 2024 (Sunday-Thursday)
Until 30 April 2024
115 €
from 01 May 2024
129 €

incl. program, campsite, electricity and persons

SF-Caravan’s 60th anniversary weekend

from 11 to 14 July 2024 (Thursday-Sunday)
Until 30 April 2024
115 €
from 01 May 2024
129 €

incl. program, campsite, electricity and persons

The whole week

from 07 to 14 July 2024 (Sunday-Sunday)
Until 30 April 2024
199 €
from 01 May 2024
219 €

incl. program, campsite, electricity and persons

How to book your campsite?

  1. Select your hotel (Kuorevirta), dates and guests and click “search”. One room equals one caravan with its passengers. You can also select “all” as your hotel choice.
  2. Some of the accommodation areas have been divided into smaller areas. You will find more precise descriptions in the booking system. See the area map.
  3. Fill in the details and enter anything relevant to your booking in the ‘comments’ field (large vehicle size, awning, pitch number request, name of your group reservation, etc.) You can also make a wish for a specific pitch. If you want to stay in the same area with friends, please also indicate this by adding for example: “Pitch next to John Doe.” Most of the pitches are numbered, so you may not get adjacent pitches on the day.
  4. If you wish, you can add electricity and passes for the Iskelmäviikko music event. This only applies to bookings that extend into the week when the music event is organised. You can also add dinners and/or carbon offsetting to your booking. For every 500 km, the Forestry Management Association will plant 1 seedling at a predetermined site.
  5. We only accept advance payments, which are payable in full at the time of booking. Once the payment has been cleared, the system returns to the booking page. You will receive a booking confirmation email if you enter your email address when you make your payment. Please read our booking and cancellation policy. Reservations can be made for 7–11 July, 11–14 July or 7–14 July, and for the Iskelmäviikko music event week on 15–21 July. We do not accept one-day bookings.

Attention! The online reservation is mutual throughout Wallen Hovi (Iskelmäviikko, Hotel Peltohovi and Hotel Sininen Helmi).

NCT 7.-11.7. and SF-Caravan 60-Anniversary 11.-14.7., the whole week 7.-14.7. and Iskelmäviikko 17.-21.7. You can also choose the time between 7.-21.7. NOTE! Electricity is photoelectricity. Therefore, low-power electrical devices, such as TV, lighting and battery charging, are suitable for use. The use of air conditioning and electric heating is prohibited. We do not take advance reservations for individual days.

Area map with location markings

Our caravan site

Information about our caravan sites

During events, Kiuruvesi turns into a large caravan park. Please note that our caravan park is built in an urban environment and therefore there is a little room for maneuver in the site markings. In addition, an unpleasant change caused by nature – prolonged rain – can soften some of the grass-based sites, so the site you reserved may need to be moved to another site or area on more stable ground.

Area of Kuorevirta

Areas 100–500 – accommodation near the swimming pool and the river.

Our largest area is located in the Kuorevirta sports area in a beautiful natural environment on the shores of Kiurujärvi and Kuorevirta. The area spreads around the swimming hall, and IskelmäAreena is only about 0.7–1 km away. Most of the parks are grass-based – there are also sand and asphalt-based parking places. The swimming hall and sports hall serve as maintenance buildings, and the area has several service points necessary for the caravan, from emptying the toilet to place to wash dishes. The summer theater Eerola is also located in the area.

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